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A New Beginning
Fiends Reunited

While Grisa and Rockett, who remained friends, drank beer at a local restaurant in October 2004.  Steve complained to Nige that the Forces of Hell was released without the group's knowledge or permission; such information is given to the match, it has been perpetuated that there may still be some problem in the target group.…

.and so Grice, who also stayed a friend, a deer, called your friend in miniature and asked him if he could, for some chance, Wild, catch again.  Steve CY Keeler's unexpected visit to work and the "yes" burning singer led to дом пашкова в москве экскурсии купить билет the four original members coming together for the first time in more than fifteen years at a pub table.

First, it's worth coming.  The kit was taken, and, not very well.  Taking the first chord, it became obvious how much effort it would be! Hobbling through Metal, and Shellshock's attack power played together once again.  He smiles at everyone…

Welsh Magician

After a few days, it became obvious that, in order to take Rob's place, a guitar Teacher was needed... Ex-Mirror, Mirror, TV Alan Jordan, Welsh magician and a very nice guy. The formula was completed-it took time and effort.

There is also very, very, very much work to do, and we are here at the end of 2005.  The new album is almost ready.  The songs seem to be equivalent in quality, if not better than the first two albums.  There is no compromise in these melodies-the metal is dark, brutal, tough and uncompromising.  Messages of bright pleasant exchange are made in the fabric market, for which group should be kept in mind, welcome.  And concerts are already in development-Onslaught the first concert since 1990 Put a cotton wool in Bristol on Friday, November 25, 2005; On Saturday, December 17, the band will present in support of Exodus to the X-mass Festival in Tilburg at Club 013; the following evening the band will work with the same bill at the Hof to have the Antwerp Loo.


And where are we going next?  The new album will be released in the 2nd quarter of 2006.  No doubt you will be from the concert... The attack has returned to reality and there is a plan to get to the end. To be... you might like it.