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The End...?
Tony O’Hora

In the first quarter of 1990, Grimmett decided to leave the band, this was the first of the main reasons why they were close to each other.  The group was in search of a replacement, which led them to Tons of Hours, the strength and power of the voice of the introduced hand from a new perspective.

It was written for the album "The four", "temporary Right to It", "When Reason Sleeps", "the quickened"; new songs were recorded around the same time.  However, the author of the sign is not thrilled; a little later they used their right not to renew the contract with the band – at a cost, this led to the fact that the promotion of the album has already made their financial situation precarious, and the winds of change in the world of heavy metal (thrash, the peak has passed now), made the future a breakthrough, the album is smaller.

The search for a new label, from which he brought the band back on the road, in the late 1990s, in the Deaf United States, and Cy Keeler is a band, Mirror of Mirrors. The EU was held in a smaller city than the others; the reviews were universally the best.  However, after a climax in Bristol, Birkeller and a concert in the London marquee, Prevention and Trotman decided to abandon the Attack.

The end...?

So, the group ceased to exist in January 1991.  Grice and Rockett went in the guise of Frankenstein on a tour of the UK, Saxon.  After the breakup of the band, Rockett played in a number of projects, including Power Junkies.  Grimmett enjoyed great success with the Lionsheart, especially in Japan.  Cy Keeler is a Mirror of a Mirror that lasted for a while before folding.  Tons of Hours, and he appeared in front of NWOBHM veterans, Mantis, and, most recently, the glamorous ink of an uber veteran!

The attack, which consisted of exploiting the surge of growth of the local punk to the verge of something great, gently dissolved into the collective unconscious…