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In Search Of Sanity

Search for healing, I finally saw the light in the spring of 1989. Feel the album is much more refined, much more musically literate, and met with universal appreciation by the metal press.  It entered the UK national charts at number 36 and took the 1 place in the equivalent of specialist metal.  The second one, maybe an ill-conceived reworking of Let there be Rock, it is written in a similar way at the same time, and gained significant airplay support.

However, it was a game dissatisfaction in some parts. The improvement in sound quality was achieved with the loss of roughness that only the hands of his early success; despite the undoubted talent of Steve (one of the best vocalists of any type ever created by the UK), was the OnLaught sin Sy really OnLaught?

However, the album boasted several killer songs with the title track, the first one Shellshock and epic Our Dying standout moments.

The band's subsequent tour of Europe with Annihilator in all countries and the Horse (London) in the UK scene is irregular.  However, there are several highlights, in particular, the first band sold-out London show in Astoria and contact at the Bristol Hippodrome Theatre (the theme of the MTV special dance edition).  To this day, OnLaught remains Bristol only acts topping the city's main audiences (a feat that has yet to be emulated by the characters, such as Massive Attack and Portishead).

At the end of the tour, there was a certain feeling of anti-climax; despite all the work and expectations, the band does not make the leap to an important moment.  Also recently the target Phone...the third single from the album, could have avoided what happened soon.