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The Keeler Years

More and more gigs in the united KINGDOM.  At the end of 1985, the band was established by a charismatic vocalist Sy Keeler, who is fast becoming a singer.  Keeler's vocal style is a lot more metal than Me, his own cry, by the addition of a new band of old and new material.  You can take Jase place in the bass; Jase switched to rhythm guitar.

The new tracks have been released on vinyl by the market. Painted by the hand, and Dave "the death of" the crossing at Matrix studios in London, the album was released, according to an article in the expectant audience in the spring of 1986, under the label music for nations. he quickly garnered rave reviews from the hand of the underground, and many in the mainstream metal crowd.  White took the attack to a new level of expected that the item Is not death, it gave them a way to be all about the sonic assault through an unexpected contamination of the metallic strength-first and foremost, unfortunately, by a hot flame of the Antichrist.  After the success of the album, the band was asked to play a couple of prestigious support spots with Girlschool, Exciter, and carbuncles; the Exciter concert deserves a special mention for the end of the test and the band sound, it is the perfect time, because the have an insatiable audience to warm up to their time and skills!

Hi There, The The Beat Of The Elves.

Continental concerts, a continuation, and the group enjoys a great deal of interest, especially in the low countries.  Invited to perform at the Dynamo festival in Eindhoven, in 1986, by stole the show with a specific performance in front of over 8,000 Thrashers.

You can decide to leave the band in 1986, of a person; bassist Jim Prevention of alcohol, and to join in the nov.  The band went on to prepare them for the promotion of the album, but had toured with a couple of shows, including a granary, in Bristol, and a short tour in the Netherlands, at the beginning of 1987.

In March of the same year, they were invited to the special guests, Motorhead, for the European leg of their Orgasmatron tour.  At the Volkshaus in Zurich, switzerland, and the band played with Motörhead in Europe, the european union is involved, a couple of outstanding performances in Fact, and Copenhagen, before he went to the Capital Rockefeller.  The two sides have developed in a different level, and the Attack on the children learned a life on the road, as the masters of the art.