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Well, what can one say! FUCK...!!! What an experience that was. This festival took place in a 17th century fortress. That in itself was unbelievable. check it out. ... 8,000 manics, slamming and diving in the grounds of this unbelievable place. Doesn't get any more surreal or Metal than this.

We closed the A stage at 12.40 in the morning and the crowd reaction was awesome, where these guys and gals got their energy from after 2 whole days of mayhem is completely beyond me..
We played a 50 minute set, running over slightly and almost giving the stage manager a fucking heart attack but these things have to be done sometimes.

This will live forever in our memory as something really special.......... A big thank you goes out to the Brutal Assault team, the crazy Czech metalheads and a special mention for the army of Polish guys for making a huge fucking noize & the cool Onslaught banner / also the guys that travelled from Australia just to see us at BA07... and of course our good buddies from Weymouth... Cheers Guys!!!!!

We celebrated by drinking for 18 hours in Prague.....

So what's next.....Up From The Ground with Testament in Germany.....BRING IT ON ....


If any more evidence were needed that the halcyon days of heavy metal was on the rise, then you need to look no further than the crazy mad moshing, slam dancing, stage diving, head banging mother fuckers at the sell out show in Camden underworld ! Folks you did yourselves proud, you achieved what was thought impossible…time travel, kept on looking at my watch, swore it said 1989.Lets do it all again soon.

Dave Lings Diary Friday 6th

I headed off to Camden to see Obituary and Onslaught. What a frigging great double bill. The Underworld was rammed to capacity, with 100 on the guestlist.
Onslaught used their 40 minutes well. The excellent new 'Killing Peace' album was well represented as usual, and the place went suitably mad.


The floor was a raging maelstrom of people thrashing along to the numerous guitar solos and classic thrash riffs coming from the twin attack of Alan and Nige. What else can I say, they rocked the place out!


Folks we were literally bowled over by the fantastic response we received from over 2000 crazy hard core thrash fans at the REVENGE OF TRUE METAL FESTIVAL ,our first headline show in Italy for 18 years...

We would like to thank everyone who came to the show, you really made it an honour for us to play for you and we hope to see you all again very soon. Also we would like to thank Laura, The Defenders Club and everyone else involved in the organisation of this great event and for their overwhelming hospitality